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Accelerating Self Awareness

Uncover your unique personality traits, find the best venues around to meet like minded people naturally and connect with people that help you grow in the parts of your lives that matter most.

About Us

We believe the world would be a better place if individuals focused on our similarities and instead learned from our differences. This is what explr aims to accomplish by helping people focus internally first in order to create the awareness to become the best version of yourself.

Our Methodology

explr yourself

Through our unique process, you'll uncover your personality traits, interests and values you care about the most. You'll also learn new things about yourself that you might not have known before.

explr your environment

Based on your personalized results, receive recommendations to the best places around town where you'll organically run into others who share your same interests and values.

explr each other

Meeting like minded people while traveling makes travel experience better. We'll connect you up with like-minded people that help you grow in the parts of your life you value most.

explr personality test


We hand picked the best and most effective tests to save you time and energy.

Modern application/

Get useful insight that is applicable to your life today.

Minimal Layout/

A design that adds value to your life.

/Fun to Play

Have fun learning new and old things about yourself.

/Connection Ready

Connect with social media connections to share your results.

/Accurate Result

All tests are developed through years of research and development.

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We always look forward to hear from the people we are building this for so please reach out to us if you’d like to start a conversation!

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